“In the field of instructors we tend to take someone’s certification and experience with a grain of salt. The few that stand out are among some of the best in the Pacific Northwest.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Bryan Mumford through a mutual ASP Handcuff instructor one day. At the time I was interested in obtaining my Oregon CHL. Bryan took the time to clarify a few misconceptions I had with Multnomah county and concealed laws. It was a nice relief as an Instructor to meet someone with the same professional demeanor we teach our peers. After speaking about my requests I realized the benefit of a Utah CHL would greatly serve me use as I frequently visit Washington and they have reciprocity with each state. I attended Bryan’s course and was amazed at the depth of knowledge in which his course carries. From a first timer to the most advance range time fanatic, this course laid down some great info. Everyone in my course that day left with more experience than they came with and a better understanding in which the law requires. This course is one which I’ve spoken highly about to anyone interested in a safe and professional training seminar. It’s nice to see that Bryan Mumford has taken this course and created the perfect course for all types of 2nd amendment supporters.”

Jacob Knight

ASP Baton / Handcuff Instructor
Oregon D.P.S.S.T Executive Manager

“I went to Bryan Mumford for my CHL after being absolutely flooded with positive reviews and recommendations for his classes.”

“His prices were competitive and he was the only instructor to hold the classes in such a comfortable, relaxing location where it was easy to focus and learn. His class was educational as well as fun. I have joined his fandom and have sent at least a dozen students his way. I recommend him to everyone and tag him in everything. He is an incredible instructor and a wonderful man who is always there for his students, even if you have inquiries a year after his class.”

Kylie Gerke

“I took my Oregon CHL through Bryan (PDX Arsenal) in March of 2015. Bryan is a GREAT instructor!”

“Making sure we knew when we are able to protect ourselves and when not to legally. Taught us firearm safety thoroughly. I HIGHLY recommend PDX Arsenal for your CHL needs!”

Shylo Dooley

“My family I and I decided to contact Bryan for his concealed class. With a younger son we wanted to educate him on the importance of gun safety.”

“Bryan did a great job, not only was my husband and I educated on the laws and regulations but our now 11 year old son walked away with the importance of gun safety and understanding that they are not toys to play with.
I highly recommend PDX Concealed for the whole family.”

The Mclaughlin family

“Great class. Very knowledgeable instructor. I would definitely recommend to others. Thanks Bryan!”

Chris Taylor

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