Bryan Mumford
Bryan MumfordCEO & Lead Instructor
NRA Instructor, Utah B.C.I Instructor, Range Safety Officer (RSO)
Handgun, RIfle & Shotgun Tactics Instructor
Joseph Churchville
Joseph ChurchvilleINSTRUCTOR
NRA Instructor, Handgun and
Rifle Tactics Instructor.
KYLE SAWYERMarketing Director
Digital Marketing Mastermind
NRA Instructor, Handgun and Rifle Tactics Instructor


Here at PDX Arsenal concealed carry, we offer a wide range of firearm training related services. We provide hands on, Oregon and Utah Concealed Handgun License Classes, as well as introductory level thru advanced level live-fire training. All of our firearm instructors are certified to instruct handgun safety by the NRA (National Rifle Association). Our Utah instructors are certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI)

Our concealed classes are open to the general paying public who meet the requirements for obtaining a concealed handgun license in Oregon. The applicant must be 21 years of age to get an Oregon Handgun License. Younger people may still take the class for the benefit of the safety training, which qualifies them for a concealed handgun license when they reach the age of 21.

PDX Arsenal believes that classroom instruction is only the first step to firearm safety. Although our classroom instruction is extremely valuable to learn both the mechanics and legalities of firearm safety and concealed carry, we highly recommend pairing the classroom knowledge with our separate hands on shooting classes (students who take their concealed class thru PDX Arsenal receive 40% off of our shooting classes.)

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Utah License Classes

All Utah handgun licensing classes are required by the state of Utah to be taught live and in person by a Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) Certified Instructor. Utah dictates the outline and classroom material presented in what is called the Minimum Training Curriculum (MTC.) We provide these classes throughout the state of Oregon and have business relationships with other instructors who teach out-of-state. In our Utah concealed class, we go a step above and provide all of the following:

  • (1) Passport quality photo; (taken at class)

  • (1) Set of FBI fingerprints; (taken at class)

  • (1) Certified Utah application (Supplied by PDX Arsenal)

  • (1) Copy of your driver license; (taken at class)

  • (1) Certificate that meets and exceeds all of the Utah requirements;

  • (1) Color coded reciprocity map
  • We mail your completed Utah packet to BCI via overnight shipping with insurance, your Utah license arrives in the mail.

For more information concerning the BCI and Utah processes please go to: www.publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/concealedfirearms.html.

Get Concealed!

Schedule Your Class Online Today.




  • Package Includes:
  • 4 Hour Class
  • Hands-On Instruction
  • NRA Recognized Certificate


  • Package Includes:
  • FBI Fingerprints
  • Passport Quality Photo
  • Overnight Shipping with Insurance to Utah
  • 4 Hour Class

Multi-State OR & UT (Recommended)

  • Package Includes:
  • Coverage in 35 States Including WA
  • FBI Fingerprints
  • Passport Quality Photo
  • Overnight Shipping to Utah
  • 4 Hour Class

12:00pm – 3:30pm

Please click on the “I” with a circle around it  in the top right hand corner of each date box on the calendar to see that date’s time and location

Must be 21 years or +

Please bring your drivers license or government issued ID

Cash payment only when paying on arrival.




“I went to Bryan Mumford for my CHL after being absolutely flooded with positive reviews and recommendations for his classes. His prices were competitive and he was the only instructor to hold the classes in such a comfortable, relaxing location where it was easy to focus and learn. His class was educational as well as fun. I have joined his fandom and have sent at least a dozen students his way. I recommend him to everyone and tag him in everything. He is an incredible instructor and a wonderful man who is always there for his students, even if you have inquiries a year after his class.”
– Kylie Gerke

“My family I and I decided to contact Bryan for his concealed class. With a younger son we wanted to educate him on the importance of gun safety. Bryan did a great job, not only was my husband and I educated on the laws and regulations but our now 11 year old son walked away with the importance of gun safety and understanding that they are not toys to play with.
I highly recommend PDX Concealed for the whole family.”
– The Mclaughlin family

“I took my Oregon CHL through Bryan (PDX Arsenal) in March of 2015. Bryan is a GREAT instructor! Making sure we knew when we are able to protect ourselves and when not to legally. Taught us firearm safety thoroughly. I HIGHLY recommend PDX Arsenal for your CHL needs!”
– Shylo Dooley

“Great class. Very knowledgeable instructor. I would definitely recommend to others. Thanks Bryan!”
– Chris Taylor