Bryan’s interests in firearms began at a young age. His father introduced him to shooting as a child, and by his teens years he was involved in competitive shooting, gunsmithing, and teaching others about firearm safety. Looking to turn his passion into a career, Bryan founded PDX Arsenal in 2011 at the age of 21. He began his firearm instructing career as a handgun tactics instructor on the range, working with local law enforcement and Oregon national guard service members. While he was scaling his brand, Bryan gained a vast amount of his industry experience by working as the assembly lead for some of the largest firearm manufacturers in the world like Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer Electro-Optics, as well as Crimson Trace corp. Realizing that he had more to offer the community, Bryan began instructing his multi-state concealed handgun licensing classes for both the National Rifle Association (NRA) as well as Utah’s Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). He has trained over 1,000 students on the range helping students build confidence with their firearms. Since founding PDX Arsenal LLC, Bryan has grown PDX Arsenal into Portland’s premier top-rated concealed handgun licensing/firearm training company. Bryan has personally certified over 20,000 Portland, OR area residents for their concealed licenses and is revered as Portland’s top instructor.



KP  owns and operates Rocketshark Social LLC, Portland’s premier social-media marketing company.  Since becoming PDX Arsenal’s Director of Marketing in 2019 KP has taken the marketing and branding departments of PDX Arsenal to all new heights. Kyle not only excels in business marketing, but is also extremely talented at gunsmithing, machining work, and has recently become involved in competition shooting matches like IDPA and USPSA. KP’s uniquely personalized, and unparalleled marketing tactics have been instrumental in growing PDX Arsenal into the 5-star rated training company we are today.